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LA NAWGJ Advisor
NAWGJ National Symposium


NAWGJ National Symposium
Ageless Wisdom
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July 12-15, 2001
Newport Beach, California

We hope you are all anxiously awaiting the start of the National NAWGJ Symposium. It promises to be an event all judges should attend.

Because our Holiday Classic was so successful, the LA NAWGJ will pay the registration fee of $175 for any member wishing to attend.

Contact the SJD before March 1st if you plan to join us for this wonderful educational experience.

A maximum of 10 credits can be earned on your Active Status Card if you attend all sessions.

Practice Judging Videos

Videos are available from the LA NAWGJ Library. Send $3.50 to cover the cost of postage and we will send you a video for whatever level you need to practice. Return the video when you are done so we can pass it on to someone else.

We do have other tapes available, such as, Best of the Best from Connie Maloney, How Much to Take from Tom Koll, Shorthand from WTC FIG, Bar Grip Changes 2000 from WTC JO, etc., and will offer them for your viewing and education.