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NAWGJ National Symposium
Ageless Wisdom
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It seems we need to be reminded about our duties. A few problems have surfaced this season and we need to address them.

Contracts are sent to you well in advance of the Meet Schedule being ready. When you sign a contract you are indicating your availability for the entire weekend if that is what will be required. If you are only available for specific days, you should indicate that when you return the contract. The Meet Director will then make the determination as to whether or not he can adhere to your schedule or if someone else must be contracted. When the actual schedule is received, sometimes you will only be needed for part of the weekend. This does not invalidate your contract even if you thought you would be needed for the entire time.
Sometimes the Meet Director doesn't know in advance which Levels will be competing. When that information is available, we may have to make changes in the panels to insure all athletes are judged by those with the correct rating. Unfortunately, that information is not always available in a timely manner and we must make adjustments on site. If that should happen to you, please be cooperative and work with, not against, the acting Meet Referee.

We are all to wear the official uniform. For our female judges, that is the official NAWGJ uniform skirt or pants, official jacket, white blouse, hose, and appropriate shoes. Our male judges are expected to wear the official uniform jacket and pants, white shirt and tie, socks, and appropriate shoes.
Under no circumstances are judges to walk around the meet site or sit to the table without shoes, socks, or hose. This would not be acceptable in the work place and it is not acceptable for us in a gym!
Judges are to keep their jackets on until leaving the competition area unless the heat is so intense it is unbearable.
We expect the gymnasts to present themselves in acceptable uniforms. We should do the same.

Your Assignment sheet always lists suggested carpools. If for ANY reason you do NOT ride with your suggested carpool, you MAY NOT charge mileage unless you first get permission from the Meet Director AND the Assigning Official. If you have to drive to meet a carpool, you can charge that mileage without deducting 30 miles. Judges who are not listed as part of a carpool can charge mileage less 30 miles.
Meet Directors are not expected to pay us because we wanted to drive alone or because we have personality conflicts.
No one is listed as the required driver. Members of a carpool are ALL responsible for contacting each other to decide who will drive. It is suggested that this be shared with those who are generally listed together.