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Judging Things
Product Descriptions

Compulsory/Optional Flip Card Book - $17.00
Quick reference cards for all Events, Levels 2-10.
Spiral bound book with laminated covers.

Master Scoresheet Book - $13.00
One judging sheet for each event for each Level 2-10.
Make your own copies and judge on a sheet with all the rules in plain view.

JO Bonus Card - $2.00
Laminated, large, easy to read JO Special COnnection Bonus Chart.

Vault Cards - $2.00 each
Laminated, large, easy to read, 2 sided vault cards with all vault values and rules.
Separate cards for Levels 7 & 8 and for Levels 9 & 10.

Times Cards - $2.00 each
Laminated cards with all rules and times for Warmups, Touch, and Competition for all Levels 2-10.
Available for Bars, Beam, & Floor.

Start Value Book - $6.00
Handy, spiral bound, personal Start Value Book.
Be prepared for those invitationals that require the judge to flash their own Start Values.

Voucher & Meet Recap Book - $5.00
Features copies for the Meet Director & the Judge. Easy to keep track of your own time. Fee Schedule & Break Time charts included on each page.

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