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Judging Things
NAWGJ Bags, Etc.

Get all you need to pack and go!
All of these items are ordered directly from the NAWGJ.
Send order to: Betty Sroufe, 2096 Rolling Hills, Fairfield, OH 45014

Email Betty Sroufe for details on shipping charges.

NAWGJ Watches - $25.00
2 designs & face sizes available
Judges should ALWAYS be on Time!



NAWGJ Briefcase - $27.00
Perfect for all your Judging Things!


Carry On Rolling Suitcase - $58.00
Screened Logo


Cosmetic Bag - $16.00
Opens to hang with attached ring
& has lots of compartments for
all of your personal needs.
Embroidered Logo

Small Folding Umbrella - $10.00
Navy Umbrella with NAWGJ Patch Logo
(Picture not available)


Large Rolling Suitcase - $98.00
Features a special compartment
for hanging your Uniform!


Large Rolling Duffle Bag - $42.00
Embroidered Logo


Folding Garment Bag - $27.00
Just the thing to carry your
uniform to meets!
Has outside pockets for
other needed items.

Special Quantity Pricing Available!
Contact Betty for details.